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Happy Customers!

Really looks like true plants! After many years of planting, I have been tired of watering, mucking, and weeding. But I do need hedge plant to protect our privacy. This product is very fabulous, people always consider it is real, and the price is within my budget. Highly recommended. Save money and time.

Artificial Hedges. - Kelly

Looks lovely in a large slender container outside, wish I had bought one before instead of watching the real thing keep expiring on me. The colour is nice a bit of a bluey green but I like it and it looks quite realistic not plasticky at all, Im all in favour of these labour saving plants for outdoors and it works out cheaper in the end.

19'' Flower Ball, - Joyce

We didn’t know what to do about our yard. After spending a fortune fixing the lawn and garden we just didn’t have enough money to buy a new fence to give us some much needed privacy. These slats were the perfect answer. I was worried that it would look too cheap or fake, and when I opened the box it actually looked like a fake Christmas tree, but when we put it up on the fence we were blown away. It really looks beautiful.

Living on a busy street gives us very little privacy and these slats were the perfect solution. Highly recommended!

Hedge Slats. - Brian