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Electric Pallet Jack 3300 lbs Lithium Battery Brand New - San Diego Local Pick up

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San Diego Local Pick up ONLY


Features and Specifications:

Front Single Wheel for enhanced maneuverability and control
Fork Outside width of 685 mm for efficient pallet handling
Equipped with a powerful 24 v/ 30 Ah Lithium Battery for extended operational time
Charger included for convenient recharging
Silent operation ensures a quiet and peaceful work environment
Reliable performance to handle heavy loads with ease


Increased efficiency: The front single wheel design allows for easy navigation in tight spaces, optimizing productivity.
Enhanced versatility: The pallet jack's fork outside width of 685 mm accommodates a wide range of pallet sizes, making it suitable for various applications.
Extended battery life: The 24 v/ 30 Ah Lithium Battery provides a longer runtime, reducing downtime for recharging.
Convenient charging: The included charger allows for quick and easy recharging, ensuring minimal interruptions to your workflow.
Noise reduction: The electric pallet jack operates silently, minimizing noise pollution and creating a more pleasant work environment.
Dependable performance: With its strong build and reliable components, the pallet jack can handle heavy loads effortlessly, promoting operational efficiency.

Additional Details:

Capacity: 3300 lbs (1497 kg), providing ample strength for most lifting needs.
Brand new units: Each electric pallet jack is brand new, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.
Local pick-up in San Diego: Conveniently pick up your new electric pallet jack locally, saving time and shipping costs.
Potential Applications:

Warehouses: Streamline operations and improve efficiency by utilizing electric pallet jacks for loading and unloading goods.
Distribution centers: Facilitate smooth material handling processes and enhance productivity with reliable and powerful pallet jacks.
Retail stores: Efficiently stock and organize merchandise, improving shelf replenishment and customer service.
Manufacturing facilities: Easily transport materials and finished products within the production area, increasing operational effectiveness.
Investing in a brand new electric pallet jack with a lithium battery is a wise choice for businesses seeking a reliable, silent, and strong solution for their material handling needs. With its front single wheel, 685 mm fork outside width, and 3300 lbs capacity, this electric pallet jack ensures efficiency, versatility, and durability. Local pick-up in San Diego makes it convenient to acquire these brand new units and optimize your workflow.


Easy Plug & Use / Charge Battery

Easy Plug & Use / Charge Battery

  • The Lithium Battery pack is easy to handle, light and simple to operate.
  • Just plug the charger and connect it to the detachable battery.
  • Let it charge when not in use and that's it.
  • Simple, flexible, light weight & small turning radius make the truck suitable use in extremely narrow aisle.
  • The main parts are wrapped with protective cover, which is safe, reliable and easy to disassemble, convenient for maintenance and repair.
  • Integrated handle integrates key & meter make the operation easy and comfortable.
  • Portable lithium-battery pack for fast battery change.
  • Emergency reversing device ensure safety operation.
  • The magnetic brake and motor brake are used to ensure the driving safety.
  • Weight (KG): 155 kg
  • Fork Size: 1150*550mm /685mm
  • Tire Type: PU Wheel
  • Battery Type: 24V 20Ah 48V/20Ah Iron Lithium
  • Loading Capacity: 1500kg - 3309lb

Green energy just what we needed for our freezer warehouse, no gas emitions at all.

John L.

Easy to use, silent and very efficient.

Charles A.

One charge and we use it all day, we charge it at night, we like it, it's easy to use.

Armando S.