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24 in. x 24 in x 0.8 in. American Oak Color Acoustic Wall Cladding Siding Board (Set of 4-Piece)

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Introducing our exquisite acoustic slat wall panel range, designed to enhance the aesthetics of any space while delivering outstanding acoustic performance. These decorative panels, suitable for both walls and ceilings, embody modern styling at its finest. With all stock conveniently stored in our US warehouse, you can easily access these high-quality panels.

Crafted with utmost attention to detail, our natural wooden range features a luxurious, smooth wood veneer finish. The wood strips, boasting a clean and contemporary appearance, are skillfully mounted onto a specially engineered recycled acoustic felt material. This unique combination ensures not only a visually appealing design but also superior sound absorption properties, effectively minimizing noise and enhancing the acoustic experience within the room.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to our fast and simple installation process. Within no time, you can transform any space into a haven of style and tranquility.

  • Each box contains a convenient 4-pack of panels, each measuring 24 inches by 24 inches.
  • With approximately 12 square feet of coverage, you can easily calculate the number of boxes required for your project.

Seamlessness is key to achieving a flawless aesthetic, and our panels deliver exactly that. When installed side by side, these panels join seamlessly, creating a uniform and cohesive look. Say goodbye to visible join lines and hello to a sleek, uninterrupted surface.

Embrace the beauty and functionality of our acoustic slat vinyl wall panel range. Elevate your space with these thoughtfully designed panels, backed by a commitment to sustainability through the use of recycled materials. Experience the harmony of exceptional aesthetics and acoustic performance in every corner of your room.

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