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Cherry Wood Wall Partition, Wood Room Dividers (WPC)

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Cherry Wood Wall Partition, Wood Room Dividers

Featuring our Cherry Wood Wall Partition, a remarkable combination of nature and technology, that offers a highly Superior, Resilient and Cost-Effective alternative to real wood timber. Created from the fusion hardwood fibers with polymer resins, WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) Timber Tubes are Pre finished. Ready to install completely Water Proof, Termite Proof and durable enough to last a life time.

Cherry Wood Partition, Wood Room Dividers can be used to replicate the look of wooden beams and columns on walls and ceilings and to create partitions in homes, offices, hotels, healthcare, educational institutes, health clubs, recreation facilities, etc. without the fear of deformation, discoloration or going bad. 

Cherry Wood Wall Partition, Wood Room Dividers Specifications

  •  Order comes with 3-pack of 105 in. L x 4 in. W x 2 in. thick WPC wall partition divider tubing
  • Innovative we've invited a whole new way to make facades stunning and distinctive with composite cladding tube that's beautiful, durable and affordable
  • High performance unlike wood, our cladding tube resists warping, rotting, fading and almost anything mother nature has in mind
  • Cost effective in our constant endeavor to offer products that are durable and affordable, our cladding tube totally mimics real wood and yet is much cheaper in cost and maintenance
  • Built to last we have created the most advances composition and used the latest Co-Extrusion technology to ensure our cladding tube last for decades
  • Eco friendly we manufacture cladding tube that's an innovative blend of 80% recycled wood and plastic and that's just the start of our sustainable way of life
  • For interior use only

Wall Partition Timber Tube Wood

Ideas for Wall Partition, Timber Tube Wood

To divide a space into smaller rooms: Partition walls can be used to create separate rooms within a larger space, such as an office or a home. This can be useful for privacy, security, or soundproofing.

To create a sense of privacy: Partition walls can also be used to create a sense of privacy within a larger space. This can be useful in open-plan offices or homes, where people may want to have some personal space.

To improve soundproofing: Partition walls can help to improve soundproofing between rooms. This can be useful in homes or offices where noise levels are a problem.

To create a more visually appealing space: Partition walls can also be used to create a more visually appealing space. This can be done by using different materials or colors for the walls.

Timber Tube Wall Partitioning


Our  timber tube price range is affordable, and we offer a variety of finishes to suit every project requirement. We understand the importance of sustainability and are committed to providing eco-friendly solutions. That’s why we offer WPC timber tubes, which are made of recycled materials and are 100% recyclable themselves. Our WPC timber tube price range is also very competitive, making it an attractive option for those looking for sustainable solutions at an affordable cost. Trust us for all your timber tube needs, whether it be for construction or interior design projects, we have got you covered with our high-quality timber tube products.

Wood Wall Partitions

What is timber tube?

WPC (Wood Polymer Composite) Timber Tubes are pre-finished, ready to install, completely water and termite proof, and strong enough to last a lifetime because they are made from the fusing of hardwood fibers with polymer resins.

What are the benefits of using WPC timber tubes?

WPC timber tubes offer a number of benefits over traditional wood products, including greater durability, resistance to moisture and insects, and reduced maintenance requirements. They are also an environmentally friendly alternative, as they are made from recycled materials.

How do you install WPC timber tubes?

WPC timber tubes can be installed using traditional construction methods, such as drilling and screwing. It is important to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions and to use the appropriate tools and hardware for the specific product.

How long do WPC timber tubes last?

The lifespan of WPC timber tubes can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the specific product, the environment in which it is installed, and the level of maintenance it receives. However, in general, WPC timber tubes are designed to be more durable and longer lasting than traditional wood products.

Tips for installing wood wall partitions, room dividers