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Your Walls can be Exciting

Most every room has four plain walls and deciding how to customize your space can be difficult. New coat of paint? Abstract artwork? It can be hard to decide. Even worse, you may still feel bored with what you choose. 

Adding texture to your walls might be exactly what you've been looking for and Youshouldhaveit is here to help. The easiest way to do that is with wood cladding panels. And the best part about wood panels, is that they are lightweight and easy to install! This can create an accent piece without being overwhelming. It is an understated, on-trend look that is durable and made with eco-friendly materials. Unlike wallpaper, wood panels lay flat against the wall without showing imperfections or weathering overtime. These can be used against most wall and ceiling types and in every room in your home or business. Wood cladding panels are the most cost effective way to increase value to a space, make anywhere look state-of- the-art without breaking the bank.

Our wood cladding panels come in 5 colors or as a blank slate so you can stain or paint to even further customize your area. Installation is easy! Cut the panel to fit the area you want to accent and either screw or glue the panels to the wall using liquid nails. In minutes, you have a customized space that looks sleek and completely your style. Up keep is easy, either dust or vacuum the panels to keep your panels looking like new.





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