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Outdoor Wall Panels

Benefits of Composite Outdoor Wall Panels Vs Outdoor Wood Panels

There are many different choices when considering purchasing decorative outdoor wall panels. In this article, we will go over some of the benefits of composite outdoor panels compared to real wood wall panels for outdoors.

Wood Wall Panels for Outdoors

Wood wall panels for outdoors are a classic choice for exterior walls. They can add warmth, character, they come in a variety of finishes and colors. Furthermore, wood panels are a classic and versatile option for outdoor walls. They can be stained or painted to match your desired look. Although wood panels are relatively affordable, they come with hidden costs. For example, wood is more difficult to install because you will need a layer of moisture barrier in between your application. In order for the wood to last long, you will need it installed by a professional and make sure it is done right. This could be costly option.

Wood Panels for Outdoors

Composite Outdoor Wall Panels

With the new technology available, composite outdoor wall panels are just as nice and a fraction of the cost as real wood wall panels for outdoors. Furthermore, composite wall panels for outdoors are easy to install, don't require moisture barrier, very durable and last longer than most natural woods. For example, composite outdoor wall panels are made from a combination of materials surrounded by hard and strong capped layer to for maximum protection from the elements like UV sun, water, moisture, and heat. Additionally, It has 3D natural wood texture, wood touch, and wood color, which looks like the real wood wall panels, yet better and longer lasting than real wood. There is also less maintenance involved in when cleaning composite wall panels for outdoors. For instance, you can power wash or hose them down without having to worry about damaging the wood and finish.

Outdoor Wall Panels

  • Easy to install, DIY
  • No moisture barrier needed
  • Weatherproof to UV sun, water, and moisture resistant
  • Fraction of the cost of wood
  • Looks just and nice as real wood

The best type of outdoor wall panel for you will depend on your budget, desired look, and climate. Consider the factors mentioned above when making your decision. Furthermore, the type of wood used for slat exterior wall paneling will depend on the climate and the desired aesthetic. In general, natural wood panels look amazing but but some with added cost and maintenance. On the other hand, composites can be just as nice real wood and don't come with a high price tag and are easier to care for.

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